1/5 Carat Diamond

What is a 0.2 or 1/5 carat Diamond?

A diamond's size is denoted by its carat (ct) weight. A 1/5 carat diamond weighs the equivalent of 40 milligrams, or 0.04 gram.

The Standard

While one carat diamonds are the most popular choice when it comes to engagement ring or wedding band center stones, 1/5 carat diamonds are a close second. Known for their elegant appearance and their beautiful natural brilliance, 0.2 or 1/5 carat diamonds are a perfect alternative to the more costly one carat diamond.

What About Size?

A diamond's carat weight will not always be reflected in its appearance. A 1/5 carat diamond may sometimes appear smaller than a 0.18 ct diamond, depending on its cut and shape.

In order to estimate the size of a 1/5 carat diamond, one need only measure the distance across the diamond's crown (its top) to get a general idea of how the diamond would appear set face up. It is important to note that diamonds with a higher cut grade may appear larger than diamonds with a poor cut grade, due to the diamond's symmetry and proportions which influence the amount of light reflected by the diamond, thus affecting its brilliance and general appearance.

1/5 or 0.2 Diamond Prices?

A diamond is valued on its cut, color and cut grades, as well as its carat weight. Generally speaking, a diamond with a higher carat weight will commonly be more expensive than a lower carat diamond. Consequently, 1/5 carat diamonds will be significantly less expensive than two carat diamonds and even one carat diamonds, as a diamond's price increases at each half carat mark.

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