Half Carat Diamonds

What is a Half Carat Diamond?

The carat (ct) is the official unit used to measure a diamond’s weight and relative size. Half carat diamonds are equivalent to 100 milligrams, or 1/10 gram.

The Standard

In recent years, the one carat diamond has become a traditional engagement ring standard. Despite this cultural standard, the majority of diamond engagement rings in the US are set with diamonds that are smaller than a half carat, making the half carat a truer statistical standard!

What About Size?

Many consumers don’t realize that the carat weight of a diamond does not necessarily determine with how large the diamond appears to be. It is a common misconception that a half carat diamond will always appear larger than a .47ct diamond.

Should you be looking to maximize the size of your half carat diamond, be sure to measure the distance across the top of the stone (in round cuts, the diameter), note the diamond’s cut grade, and be thoughtful about your diamond setting. Diamonds with high cut grades offer high light return which may make them appear larger, and certain settings, such as the halo setting, can also enhance the size of the center stone.

Half Carat Diamond Prices

Diamond prices jump significantly at every half carat. If you’re shopping on a budget, consider selecting a diamond just 'underweight'. For example, a 0.49 carat diamond could be 6-8% less than a one half carat diamond; although it is only 1 point less carat weight, falls in a lower price category.

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