Five Carat Diamond

What is a 5 Carat Diamond

A diamond's relative size is signified by its carat (ct) weight. A 5 carat diamond weighs the equivalent of 1,000 milligrams, or 1 gram.

The Standard

Although it is true that one carat diamonds are the most popular diamond carat size used in wedding bands and engagement rings since most customers seem to prefer whole carat diamonds for their precious gemstone set jewelry pieces, 5 carat diamonds are thought to be a gorgeous and glamorous alternative to the standard. 5 carat diamonds are valued for their prominent appearance, their incredible size and features. Generally speaking, the larger the diamond's carat size is, the higher its quality will be, as internal and external imperfections are more apparent in high carat diamonds and precious gemstones.

What About Size?

A diamond's actual carat weight may not be reflected properly in its appearance. Factors such as the five carat diamond cut grade and the setting onto which the diamond in question was mounted all influence a diamond's appearance. For example, a diamond with a good cut grade will often appear larger than a diamond with a low cut grade, while certain jewelry setting designs have a similar effect, causing a diamond to appear smaller or larger, depending on the amount of light allowed to reflect off the diamond's surfaces.

In order to estimate how a diamond would look viewed from above, one need only measure the distance across the diamond's crown or its top.

Five Carat Diamond Prices?

A customer can expect 5 carat diamonds to be rather costly. Since 5 carat diamonds are so unique and since they usually boast high clarity, cut and color grades, 5 carat diamonds are increasingly valuable and incredible expensive. A 5 carat diamond's exact price will be determined according to its size, its clarity, cut and color grades and in accordance with current diamond market fluctuations and trends.

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