Jewelry On Credit and Jewelry Payment Options

At Zoara we understand that your jewelry purchase is actually a carefully chosen investment. In addition to providing a plethora of jewelry options to suit all budgets, we also recognize the need to offer our customers a variety of jewelry payment options, wedding rings finance and engagement rings finance.
At the checkout phase of your online  shopping purchase you will be presented with several options for payment. These include credit card payment plans, using an account service such as Verified PayPal and Google Wallet and other options such as money orders and bank wires. Please note that all transactions above $10,000.00 must be made via bank wire in order to establish a secure purchase.

Jewelry Payments Online with a Credit Card or Gift Certificate
Looking to pay by credit card?  First, you may choose to simply proceed to checkout and directly enter your credit card information into our Secure Shopping system. At this point we gladly accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Diners Club International. All credit card transactions will be charged in US dollars according to the exchange rate of the day on which the order was placed. You may also be charged a fee by your bank or credit card company for processing an international transaction. Zoara is not responsible for such fees. If you prefer to pay wholly in your local currency, you may pay via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

If you are planning to conclude your payment with a Gift Certificate, simply enter your Gift Certificate's Promotional Code in the first step of our Secure Shopping Checkout.  Continue your secure checkout by entering your credit card information.  If your Gift Certificate value is higher than or equal to the sum total of your order, your credit card will be charged $0.00 and the appropriate value will be deducted from your Gift Certificate. If your Gift Certificate value is lower than the sum total, the value will simply be deducted from your order total and your credit card will be charged the remaining sum.

Pay over the Phone Using Multiple Credit Cards
Simply Contact Us if you would like to spread your jewelry payments out over multiple credit cards.  A Zoara Customer Service Representative will walk you through the process.

Pay over the Phone by Wire Transfer
Should you wish to pay for your order via a Bank Wire you'll receive a 1.5% discount on the final checkout price of your order. We require Bank Wire payments for any items above $10,000.00 to ensure a secure payment transaction.

3 Month Jewelry Payment Plan No Interest

  • Offer valid on orders between $1000-$10,000.

  • Credit Card only.

  • 50%  down -  50% paid over 3 months.

  • The first of the future payments is deducted on the date that the order is ready to ship and the subsequent payments are deducted every 30 days.

  • Monthly payments are automatically deducted from credit card until balance is paid.

  • U.S. and Canadian Customers only.

6 Month Jewelry Payment Plan with Interest

  • Offer valid on purchases over $2,500 and up to $10,000.

  • Credit Card only

  • 50% down - 50% paid over 6 months.
  • The first of the future payments is deducted on the date that the order is ready to ship and the subsequent payments are deducted every 30 days.
  •  Monthly payments payments are automatically deducted from credit card until balance is paid.

  • U.S. and Canadian Customers only.

Terms and Conditions:

Valid on orders between $1,000-10,000

* Credit card only
* Payments are automatically deducted from the credit card provided at the time of the sale. Until your order is fully paid for, you may not cancel your credit card unless you have already supplied Zoara with the new card information. 
* 50%  down -  50% paid over 3 months, interest free
* 6 month payment plan entails a 5% interest fee on the 3 last months
* All payment plans are subject to the approval of Zoara’s billing department, who may request a credit check and/or additional documentation. Failure to comply will remove all eligibility.
* When each payment is submitted, the next monthly payment will be automatically authorized
* The credit card must have an expiration date of no less than 8 months ahead of the final installment
* Valid for credit cards issued in the U.S. and Canada only, and for customers residing in either country
*Important additional information*
Zoara’s payment plan is based on a relationship of trust between the client and our company. We have gone out of our way to make the purchase easy and convenient for you, so we request that our customers extend the same courtesy by enabling the payments to be automatically deducted on time.
Zoara will be happy to provide a reminder service a few days before your payment so that you can make sure that the funds are available. Please contact us if you would like to be reminded.
1. Defaulted Payments - Payment that are declined for more than 3 consecutive days, are automatically forwarded to Zoara’s legal department for processing.
2. Late payments are subject to a 0.5% interest fee on the entire amount due for every day that the payment is overdue.
3. Until the full payment is confirmed, the item that the buyer purchases is the property of Zoara. In cases of past due installments or fraudulent activity, Zoara reserves the right to arrive at the location of the billing or shipping address and recover its property without the requirement of the buyer’s prior consent of knowledge. Zoara may also enlist the aid of 3rd parties in assisting the recovery of its property or payments.

4. Any changes to the payment plan, such as extensions, modifications or different payment information must be requested and approved by Zoara in writing.
Zoara’s billing and customer support department would like to make your buying process as easy and comfortable as possible. Therefore, we request full cooperation and communication from the customer at all times. Likewise, Zoara’s representatives are available 24/7 and would be glad to do everything possible to reach agreeable payment terms with our valued clients.


Jewelry Payments With Verified Pay-Pal
Zoara is happy to provide customers with the option of paying via Verified Pay-Pal. If you already have an account set up, then you are ready to go. New users who would like to set up an account can do so by clicking on the link above.    

International Payment Options
For international orders up to $5000, Zoara offers the following payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Wire
  • Verified PayPal

For international orders above $5000, Zoara accepts bank wire only.

*Please note: To verify your ownership of the credit card, we may request that you send us a copy of your photo identification and the credit card you wish to use to make the purchase. In order to protect your privacy, cover the eight middle digits on your credit card. Please know that we use these security measures to ensure your protection.

Additional Information
While Zoara does not currently offer Bill Me Later as a checkout option, we do our best to offer similar alternative jewelry financing options. We invite you to Contact Us for further assistance.

In accordance with company policy, if we have not received your method of payment within seven days we will have to cancel your order. Upon placing your order, please note your intention to pay via one of the options above, and a Customer Support representative will happily contact you with details to complete your transaction.

Please note that a sales tax may apply to orders shipped to certain states.

If you are concerned about your online jewelry payments, we welcome you to Contact Us. We are happy to accept your credit card information over the phone, or to make you feel more comfortable by providing information regarding online shopping as a secure and convenient process.

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